NNATIVE 3D:  iMersion3D can provide Stereo 3D crews, Equipment Packages, Budgeting, On-set Stereo3D design /supervision, and Stereo 3D Post-Production work flows.


CCONVERSION 2D to Stereo 3D:  The iMersion3d process utilizes proprietary and shifting algorithms to quickly ascertain how the  converted Stereo3D images will look and whether sequences need a more labor intensive traditional approach for segmenting, roto, in-painting and clean plates. The algorithms minimize the need for this labor intensive work. This process can be augmented by ‘selective rotoscoping‘ to maximize the Stereo3D depth and includes a key-frame roto process handling ‘selective roto’ in all but the most radical shots.


While these procedures have been developed on various platforms they are platform and software agnostic.  Nuke, AE, Shake and other software on appropriate platforms have been used to develop a stand-alone solution for cost effective 3D stereo conversion. It has the additional benefit of being comfortable to watch, provides a more natural illusion of depth, and is an extremely fast process to get a first look suitable for editing and “fast track” previewing.


FFORMATTING:  Digital signage is seen everywhere: –  shopping malls, sports arenas, movie theaters, other public places. Display Units can now be equipped with cameras that instantly detect information about viewers’ gender and age bracket determining the best match of advertising material displayed to them on the spot.

This viewer information (date and time, gender, and age bracket) can also be sent to a control center to provide marketing data that is useful in product development and deciding future approaches to advertising.