As Visual Effects Supervisor Chuck has worked with major studios from

Disney, Fox, Paramount, New Line Pictures and Sony Pictures to visual effects giants ILM,
Digital Domain and New Zealand’s WETA.


Working in IMAX 3D, Comisky was a producer on Jim Cameron’s “GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS” and
the Visual Effects Supervisor for “ALIENS OF THE DEEP”. He earlier produced the filmed
media for Cameron’s “TERMINATOR 2-3D, BATTLE ACROSS TIME”, 4D theme park attraction for
Universal Studios. 
4D Theme Park Rides” SHOWSCAN  (3D conversion of ride films)


  • “AVATAR” – James Cameron – Fox Studios – Stereo 3D Design, Implementation &Vfx
  • “GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS”  IMAX – Stereo3D Design and Supervision
  • “ALIENS OF THE DEEP” IMAX  Stereo3D Design and Supervision
  • “LAST FLIGHT”  SMG Productions Shanghai  (on-set 3D Supervision)
  • “POLICE STORY 2013” Jackie Chan  (3D Conversion Supervision)
  • “SWITCH”   Pegasus Productions (3D Conversion Supervision)
  • “EMPIRES OF THE DEEP” E-magine Productions  (Stereo3D Consulting)
  • “FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE”  Tsui Hark  (S3D Consulting and Training)
  • “4K Theme Park Rides” SHOWSCAN  (3D conversion of ride films)
  • “3D Music Videos Sony/Columbia  (On-set 3D Supervision and/or 3D Conversion)
  • “Don 2”  Reliance Media Works (S3D Consulting, Training)New Line Pictures
  • “FINAL DESTINATION 5 – 3D” New Line Pictures  (On-set 3D Supervision, Design)
  • “SANCTUM 3D” Focus Films Australia  (On-set 3D Supervision, Design)